Project Support

Experienced project team...

Our team is experienced in preparing new proposals, implementation and manage. We have a strong cooperation with public and private sector in different projects in Research and Development of new products and education and training under Erasmus+
We have developed project lines related to biology and law (biobanking), biotechnology, advanced agriculture and agro-logistics.
We are looking for more cooperation in different fields as we believe that real participation in different project team and partnerships will offer us more knowledge and experience and help us through continue development to improve ourselves.
Until today we have developed our own projects, consequently we can understand the effort needed for such a task and participation for us means real contribution with original work to any proposal development and implementation of a project and we are not looking for just a participation, without real contribution.
We see a proposal and a project as an investment for the future and as a new business idea, which means 100% use of the EU financial resources and exploitation of the results after the end of the project period.
In other words we do not look for one more EU project…