Foundation of The European Institute in Kalamata, Greece. In July 2013 the Institute founded. It was the first year and our team had to face several difficulties as the Institute started its activity without any significant resources and cooperation. During this period we did all our future planning and we mainly support the Institute with our own resources and work.


This year is the year of project implementation. We expect to derive valuable experience for the implementation of the two projects and establish our new partnerships. This year is the year of training for us as is the year we expect to establish strong bonds with our partners from several countries: Turkey, Cyprus, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Greece.


It was the year of our initial efforts to participate in EU funded projects mainly in the field of Justice. EIEO during this year managed to establish some important cooperaion with major Educational Institutions in Greece and Europe and it played an important role in the developement of new proposals. It was a difficult task as we were a new entity in the area of project preparation and implementation but through our expertise in the field of agriculture, biotechnology and law we persuaded major institutions to trust us


Both projects completed with full success. More than 2000 users are using the SKIFF and Green Logistics platform for their training. 98% are farmers from all over Europe!


The Institute had its first success. The team submitted three Erasmus+ projects and managed to be succesful in two. SKIFF with applicant CTI institution and Green Logistics with TEI Stereas Elladas.