Our History

The European Institute for Evolution and Integration (EIEO) was founded in July 2013 and is based in Chalandri - Athens, Greece. It was the first year and our team had to face several difficulties as the Institute started its activity without any significant resources and cooperation. The scope of the Institute is to act and make the essential efforts in order to improve the quality of life of the European citizens. These efforts and actions are based on the European union policies as these stated in the official web site of the European Commission. The Institute has an expertise in Education and VET training, Law, Agricultural Research and Financial Consulting.
During the first two years, founders did all their future planning and support the Institute with their own resources and work. As a non-profit organization had to count basically on our own resources.
In 2015 the Institute received financial support under the Erasmus+ KA2 VET for two projects related to agricultural logistics and advanced agriculture. In both programs we had major role and both ended successfully in 2018. Details for the project “Green Logistics in cereals / Rice sector” can be found in http://green-logistics.aua.gr/ and for the project “Skills for Future Farmer (SKIFF)” in future-farmer.eu. In SKIFF e-learning platform more than 2,000 students managed to complete their course and awarded a certificate.
EIEO participates in Aristoil Cap project and not only this year, and we intent to contribute with the same intensity and effectiveness the team of the project as we did in the past ij other cooperation. Our team consists of experts with experience in agricultural economics and agricultural research and we expect that this project will add one more element in our specilisation in agricultural VET training.