EIEO participates in ORGAFAM Erasmus+ project. ORGAFARM is a two year project under Erasmus+ frame and its mail scope is:
1. To create a shared awareness of emerging job profiles and existing gaps of skills and competences in the current work force.
2. to create and improve a framework “Pathways for Agricultural Competence and skills based Training” (PACT) based on EQF and ECVET, which will allow the sharing of definitions among different actors involved, i.e. agricultural VET providers, SMEs, Research Institutions, NGOs and VET policy makers, and serve as a tool to modularise future training and make it more adaptable to
the needs of the agricultural labour market.
3. Training Modules:
3.1. Organic Farming Training Module
3.2. Organic Food Processing Training Module
3.3. Accessing to the Market Training Module
4. to better recognize existing training opportunities which already address existing skills gaps in the agricultural sector, and make them more visible on a European level as well as to show-case and encourage VET providers who have already modularised their agricultural training to integrate elements into new training units.
5. To give the Farmers a new skill on Organic Farming & Food Processing Technologies by a new Curricula in VET.
5.1. Organic Farming Curricula
5.2. Organic Food Processing Technologies Curricula
6. To improve the life standards of Farmers by providing a channel to sell the Organic products by ECommerce
7. Marketing Opportunities Report
8. Need Assessment on Organic Farming
9. E-Platform for Training Modules
10. Video Clips for Training Modules
11. 2021 New EU Organic Agriculture Regulation Report & Book for VET teachers
12. Multiplier Events in 4 Countries:
12.1. Ankara for 50 participants
12.2. Malatya for 40 participants
12.3. Bursa for 40 participants

The first transnational meeting will take place in Ankara, Turkey in January